A financial platform that anyone can easily use

It is a platform service for SHOPPING TO ALL and it is a multi-channel service
that makes it easy and convenient to use financial products.


Intelligent decentralized financial platform

Intelligent arbitrage based operation through high availability migration strategy of global financial data


Parallel to financial information

High frequency through transaction(HFT)

Trading management

Asset management through real-time trading spread strategy responsive to microtime


Positioning through market prediction and

optimal operation of risk management

through market response

Optimal asset management according to the investment model and size of the depth of market information


Optimal funding modeling of decentralized finance

and socialization of decentralized finance

Virtuous cycle operation of market capital system through smart contract-based asset contract and decentralized tokenization



A decentralized financial platform that tracks price and transaction flows between various exchanges in the world and intelligently parks assets by analyzing real-time BASIS and commodity interest rates between exchanges

  • Provides hedge portfolio design services for financial assets linked to various exchanges
  • Designing an optimal asset mobility model through AI based on market access information of market portfolio providers and objective indicators of the market
  • Establish and provide a cancellation system for risk distribution by linking digital assets and contract-type tokens
  • (AFL)(AFL) Provides real-time opportunity and risk signals through a system specialized in financial AI through autonomous financial learning modeling

OAGOptimal asset growth system

What is OAG?

It is a speed-driven gain-based asset growth system that predicts market changes based on an algorithm called
the Market Emotional Intelligence Indicator (MIIA) and realizes high-frequency profit margins
Time-based machine learning of LSTMs in artificial neural network provides optimal asset proliferation learning data by rearranging
the order and time for infinite variance over data on market emotion

OAG 시스템의 구조 설명도

As of January 29, 2021, OAG-based optimal asset growth yields from
as low as 13% to as much as 7000% depending on the period of time


Contributing to improving the quality of life by leveling up global finance,
improving access to opportunity costs, and providing optimal investment competitiveness